Sustainability Report

The Group has played an active role in contributing to Singapore’s built environment through developing eco-friendly properties and adopting green practices in our operations. We strive to build and maintain good relationships with our employees and the communities that we operate in. We wish to create a collaborative, competent and safe working environment for our employees. At the same time, we are actively involved in community engagements and service programs to give back to the society at large.

Sustainable Development

As a leading Property Developer, we strive to deliver fine quality homes that cater to the sustainability aspirations and lifestyles of our customers. We are committed to building homes with innovative and functional concepts by integrating environmental sustainability into architectural design, building details, construction work and providing good maintenance and after-sale service.

Over the years, the Group has obtained many Green Mark Awards and Quality Mark Certifications by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. In 2018, our project Nim Collection was awarded the BCA Green Mark Gold PLUS and the Asia Property Awards Best Housing Architectural Design (Asia). 8 St Thomas was also awarded the Asia Property Awards Best Condo Architectural Design (Singapore).

Environmental Protection

Our office has established an Environment Sustainability Committee (ESC) to promote green initiatives. In 2017, in recognition of our continued commitment to sustainability, we have renewed the “Eco-Office Label” by the Singapore Environmental Council (valid until 2020) after first receiving it in 2015.

Since 2015, we have launched an annual “Plant-A-Tree” event to offset our carbon emissions. On 21 August 2018, all of our staff came together and planted 25 trees in Luxus Hills Park. We plan to continue this initiative and increase the number of trees to be planted at an increment of 5 trees every year thereafter. This demonstrates our active role in playing a part to mitigate global climate change.

To better govern our environmental performance, we have established an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified Quality & Environmental Management System (QEMS).

Community and Society

We believe the social value we create is as important as the economic value. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee governs our community engagement endeavours. The CSR Committee selects and carries out Corporate Community Involvement (CCI) activities in line with the Group’s CCI guideline.

In 2018, we have completed the following CCI activities:

  • Chinese New Year celebration with the elderly residents of Bright Hill Evergreen Home in February 2018
  • Mid-autumn celebration with the elderly residents of Bright Hill Evergreen Home in September 2018

Human Capital

We invest in our employees so as to give them an opportunity in realizing their potential. When new employees first join the company, they are orientated on the Group’s business, policies, corporate culture and core values. They will also be attached to career mentors for on-the-job training. Our employees are encouraged to attend seminars, workshops and skills programs whenever they identify a learning need. In FY18, we have achieved an average of 18 hours of training per employee.

Workplace Safety and Health

We are committed to ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for our employees. On a regular basis, risk assessments are carried out by a designated Risk Assessment Team to identify potential safety hazards in the office. We have an established Workplace Safety and Health Manual, which is available on the Intranet. In addition, we have set up contingency plans for a diverse range of emergencies, including fire, natural disasters and medical emergencies. We uphold the same high level of safety standard in our projects through all stages, from the design inception, to the later construction, and eventually property management.